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A powerful utility to remove the locks imposed on files by processes
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Ever since windows came into existence, certain nuisances also crept in with it, like certain files being locked up by certain processes, even when they are not being used. Windows doesn't have a built-in method to handle this type of files. This error keeps up mainly when using portable devices like pen drives, which results into popping up of an error window, saying "unable to remove .....", when we try to remove the device.
So, this small but powerful utility comes in handy in most of the times, for an avid windows user, using which we can remove the "locks" imposed on files.
It can virtually remove any handles on any type of files, but it has to be noted that you have to notice the process(es) which is locking the file, if its only explorer.exe (which is the culprit most of the times, unless you are using any external program operating on that file),removing/renaming/moving the file is just a mouse click away, just select the option required from unlocker menu and you are done.
Although it has to be noted that as it is a freeware, if you remove the lock on a file, the process handling it may or may not show undefined behaviors [not explorer.exe].
So, it's like Use It In Your Own Risk.
Nevertheless, its simply an AWESOME warhead for any computer user, taking into account that it's freeware and its ultra-small size and processor usage. It can run in background, and pop up the window whenever Windows pops up error messages like unable to remove/rename/move files, or unable to remove the portable device. It can also be used to unlock directories as well.
To remove the portable drives safely, just select "unlocker" from the context menu, which will show all the locks(if any) and it makes it removing the locks a breeze.

Farhan Anwar
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  • Can unlock virtually any file(s) that is locked by any process
  • Pops-up only when necessary, that too with an intuitive window, which shows the process(es) that are currently locking the file(s)
  • The solution is just a click away. With easy to use menus and also from a right-click context menu, which can be used to send any file(s) that are to be unlocked


  • Being a freeware, you are using this software at your own risk, if your system becomes unstable [it never happens if you use it wisely], you can blame none but you
  • In fact, there is nothing to be written as a disadvantage for this program, although the error messages may be popped up by UAC if you are using windows Vista
  • And also the program is not yet released for 64bit systems
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